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    Can't seem to find any over here at all and all American websites that stock em won't respond to my emails regarding shipping.
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    Has anyone seen the 2017 x18? It would have been a awesome bike except it only comes in 50cc and the engine is attached to the swing-arm. They turned it into a street-legal moped. GOOD BYE x18... You will be missed. https://goo.gl/images/nxZN3f
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    Guys, I don't know if anyone saw, I was on Facebook the other day and I saw that the X7 X18 is now available. The only issue is its in automatic. I saw it on ebay, amazon and saferwholesale. Anyone buy any from any of these places? How fast does it go? What is the quality of this chinese bike...
  4. General Pocketbike Discussion
    so i got my son a X18 bike, he was learning how to do clutch up wheelies. the ball on the clutch cable snapped so i got a new cable. i put the cable on and now without pulling the clutch in it will go into gear and lunge forward and die, i took the cable off and even without the cable hooked up...
  5. 4Stroke Midbikes
    Im going to be building a 150ccm x18 and I really want to have a straight side pipe. I was planning on getting a universal GP pipe on ebay and just welding my own on there. I know exhausts need back pressure, and that may be an issue for a straight pipe not even going half way to the tail. what...
  6. 4Stroke Midbikes
    I need a rear brake for an x19 ASAP. I would like to look into an upgrade, but I just don't know what will fit. Thanks
  7. 4Stroke Midbikes
    I have an x19, and an x18. I want to install a custom lcd gauge cluster similar to one of a sport bike. I have always had an issue with the fuel situation because you cant really see into the tank that well. This gauge cluster has a digital fuel gauge that I would like to take advantage of. Thanks,
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    I have an x18 and I'm looking for a new carb. I'm going to get performance ignition coil, ngk plugs, performance cdi. I can get a 22mm carb all day but I saw a 26mm makuni by the same guy. I would much rather see a makuni carb on there, but I don't know if it will bogg down too much due to too...
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    As you may know, the x19 kickstand is garbage. It sits way too far out and is bulky. It scrapes on the road on right turn easy. Can I put an x18 kickstand on it? If not I'm getting my welder out...
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    I want an upgrade exhaust for the x19 but I don't want to spend $300 for one.
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    Hello Im from seattle and new to the pocket bike thing,so it looks like, and I guess im learning as I go with the various componets and such but im finding my self stuck on one of the two bikes that I just picked up in a trade that were used. one is a 2 cycle 49cc x7 and the other is a 4 stroke...
    I need the headlight and turn signals for an X18 Super pocket bike. If anyone has some on your old bike or in the back of a warehouse please let me know. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance. Also left side fairing and nose plastic.
  13. General Pocketbike Discussion
    Hey Guys, I'm going to college in the Fall of this year and I'm really considering buying an X18 pocketbike to get me around campus (it's in a fairly small town, so I would use it to take me on the streets, not the walkways). First off, is that a good idea, or no? If not, any other...
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    Hello, I just got a new bike from Craigslist. This bike is in rough shape. I need help identifying this bike, I believe it is an x18-x22 but I am not sure because it has not clutch anywhere! I have some pictures of the engine only, I have been working on dissembling this thing so a bunch of the...
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    Hello. Let me introduce myself by telling the story of my first Pocket-bike.This Summer i saw an X18 on Craigslist and decided to go check it out, the owner originally wanted $100. The Pocket-bike did not turn on (had spark)and needed some work, well i bought i negotiated down to $70 because it...
  16. Air Cooled Pocketbikes
    Been riding my 2007 x18 for about half a year now. only thing I've done to it so far is: bell bike speedometer, custom turn signals (bulbs from a car), removed air filter restrictor, 17t front gear, and high rev cdi. It does 43 mph on flat road, 45 down hill. I want to continue modifying it and...
    Well, somehow while putting my x18 back together the back brake light went a bit too inside.
    I need an x18 Head. Where can I buy one?
    I'm looking for an X18 head, where the headlight goes. Where can I buy this?
  20. Pocketbike Paint and Design
    So I am thinking of fixing up my x18. I am looking for some help on how to fix the cracks. Their are some big cracks and some small cracks. How will I be able to fix these?