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110cc X7 Timing Chain Setting Question

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hey guys,

i was going to replace a gasket between the head and the cylinder because of a leak. But before removing the timing chain, i wanted to know how to set it back in place the right way. I have noticed theres a small marking on the head close to the chain and sprocket. And there's also a "circle" mark on the actual sprocket. But for the crankcase, there's more than one marking. How does that work. Can someone please help me asap. As the bike is dissembled, hopefully i don't lose any parts.

i have provided pictures below....thanks again

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Don't know what marks work, but put the engine on TDC compression stroke. I mark the chain and one tooth on the timing chain so when I put it back that tooth and the mark on the chain should line up. Do not let the chain drop off the crank gear below, keep the chain tight when you pull the head or cylinder and pull it over the front of the engine and tie it off below while it sits, so the chain stays on the gear. Never turn the engine over after you take it apart, it should stay on TDC compression stroke.
BDC is easier with valves closed. Piston wont move around as much and the valve train will keep the cam nearly positioned. You may need to mark the lower chain sprocket if the timing mark isn't visible.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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