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So i recently was left a 150cc super pocket bike, and i need some help getting it all done in exactly one week with parts ordered and everything, so first thing first

Best carb choice,
best exhaust choice
best clutch choice
custom grips and throttle,
brake and clutch cables
oil choice

i want this guy to love what ive done to it, so he has 300-600 start shooting some ideas


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There is no 150cc X-bikes, someone put a 150cc Pit Bike engine in it.
PBU builds up 150cc streetlegal bikes I think.......But theyre like $1500-2000 plus shipping.................:eek:

I wonder how it would look if you took a 150cc pitbike and dressed it up like an X-bike and put streettires on the spoked rims......That wouls be an awesome project because itll be pretty much setup for urban assault..........LOL
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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