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On this carb I taper bore the front & round it out to the edge, Enlarge the 2 holes in the main jet tube that runs thru the carb bore .005" of an inch. Then bored the back off the carb to the tube 15mm.
The manifold, is a banshee 19mm, and I ripped the alum piece out of my broken C1 manifold clean the outer surface of it, it fits the Banshee 19 perfect and then bore the 14mm out to 15, then clamped it in to the bahshee manifold, and the carb to the alum C1 piece. The best part is, pull the alum sleeve and put a 19mm Dell PHBG carb in its place.
This is in the air cooled cause I just mounted it on that engine, may try it on one of the cag B/B engines too.


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