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Hey guys, I need some help. I have a FS509 Cateye that I am in the process of converting to a 110cc Honda Clone from a Redcat MPX-110 with a semi-automatic 3 speed w/reverse. I got the setup for dirt cheap but its literally all i got, no CDI or anything. I have been searching the forums on how to rewire the harness for a CDI but im sick of looking so i thought i would ask. And im not sure what CDI to use also, i see 4 and 5 wire and one with two plugs.

The only wires that are coming out of the motor are ones for the stator which are 2 yellows, a black and a blue/white (need these hooked up seeing how its electric start only). And one 2 wire plug that is green and green/red near the sprocket. And the coil which has one pin. Im not sure where these will all go onto my cateye harness.

I did look at 90GTVert's similar swap and he said this..."The bikes wiring is very simple. Just take a look at the article in the how-to section about wiring four strokes." Well i cant find the article, haha.

Just let me know if you know of any good threads or have done it yourself and can help. I can post pictures if it would help. Thanks everyone!
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