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26MM mikuni carb

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can any body help me with this problem? got a 125cc lifan, had a 19mm carb, replaced it with 26mm mikuni and 26mm intake, and now the motor wont even fire.
can anybody tell me were to start to get it running again:)
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Youre gonna need a 40 pilotjet(idlejet) and for the mainjet youre gonna need around a 100-102 with the c-cliop in the 3th notch and the a/f mix screw set to 2 1/2 turns out for a start............

Some carbs are jetted with 15/92 for 2 stroker bikes and have a 2 stroke atomizer tube with around 8-12 holes instead of the 20 hole atomizer tube 4 strokes use so you may need to purchase a bigger atomizer tube aswell as a needle to match the new atomizer tube taper.......

The other thing could be wicked airleaks or a wire that got pulled when doing the job...ckeck for fuel in the tank and carb bowl and check for spark....Good Luck

Got a listing for the carb youre using?
I tried putting a 26 Mikuni on my 110cc, alot of carb for the 110 & to much trouble, have a 25mm on my 125cc ATV w/ 26mm manifold, works pretty good.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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