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Ok guys. Hit 37 mph today on my mini dirt bike. Gets there fast and im lovin it. No porting as such internally but it is a 49cc. Stock exhaust too.
I did it with ported and polished stock carb with .67 jet and needle on 4th position. Tapered needle, rocket key, triple stage reeds (uncorrect way) no reed block either, 95 octane fuel, ngk bmr6a spark plug, ufo style pod without vstack, 17/54 gearing, heavy duty rear shock, with lightened stock clutch.
I live at an elevation of 464 metres and it was 30 degrees celsius today. Very very warm.
I think theres a slight air leak at carb to manifold or manifold to reed plate because it wont idle the best. It idles ok when i give some throttle and let it come back down but after about 2 - 3 seconds it idles crap and hesitates for a secobd when i give it gas. After the hesitation its ok and revs fine but after idling again for a couple of seconds it idles crap and will hesitate.
Also at top speed whenever i come to a slight downhill when it maxes out it will feel like it jerks and stutters. Top speed on a level road is ok.
The .70 jet was too big it felt like. I only tried it on 4th position and was too rich. Not much power and burbling. WOT was ok but jerky and didnt have the pickup that the .67 jet had. Should i try a different clip setting at .70 and see if it helps. I realise WOT doesnt use the clip setting but if the mixture was ok from low rpm maybe the WOT may be helped a little.
Ive also got a 19 tooth sprocket but i wont put it on till i get a custom fab'd exhaust to get rid of all this new extra air and fuel.
Any and all comments/help welcomed.

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37 is a good apeed for little 2stroked. Great job.
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