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$40 H/F Tire Changer

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Here is the tire changer I have been talking about, 4 to 12" rims, have to take the bearings out of the Cag wheels to clear the main bolt thread. Think I might have gotten it from Northern Tools, will have to go look now.
Think I paid $6.95 S/H and this thing is Heavy, that's what sold me.


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Nice wonder how well it does atv tires.
Whats your rating on it? Does it work well or good ol tire irons still the way to go?? Seems so cheap but looks so nice... :rolleyes:
It's made in China, that's right. It will work with 4" to 12" rims. My ATV rims are 7" 16x8". Not worried about steel rims, its my alum ones I'm worried about. It has the bead popper, take the bead off, put it back on, just like the big ones. It has alot of alum parts, going to need to bolt it down,though.
I can't find the receipt but I think it came from Northern Tools, in South Carolina. Saw the ad here on PBP. I have a special bar tool for motorcycles that you hit with a hammer around the edge of the rim, for the bead on or off, but had no way hold the rim down. After it cost me $40 labor to get the 10" tire on my X18, I was Hot under the collar, the tires was $32, then I saw the changer, that was it,lol.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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