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47cc chopper carb recomm. for new expansion chamber

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I have a 50cc harley v twin chinese bike and i made a expansion chamber exaust for it... What kind of carb should I get and can i use my stock unajustable corkscrew slide carb? and also.. will the clear oxygen lines work for fuel lines? cheapest and best reccomendations? and i also plan to port and polish this.. so.. any suggestions would help... pics of my new pipe coming soon... :)... zenoah motor i believe.. :)
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That exhaust looks pretty good..........

Wanna make it faster..? stretch it out a lil and add a second engine.....LOL

Your carb is adjustable in both lowspeed and highspeed tuning but the best carb for your engine is a Walbro WT813 carb....Youll need to mod the stock intake with a tiny dab of JB weld to get it to work.......

Pull the fuel filter clunker from the tank and replace it or clean it out

Id mod the flywheel and add a rocket key...

Remove the e-starter guts and magnets...

Lighten and mod the clutches...

Get a new NGK sparkplug BPM6A

Remove the basegasket to bump compression up and Yamabond the head to the base...while head is off do some widening of the intake and exhaust ports tapering them out to flow

Get a stens or real walbro rebuild kit for the WYK series stock carb,,rip the carb apart,,boil the body and rebuild it with the transparent fuel flappers...

My custom-built stand-up scooter or X1 doesnt have any problems with get-up and go with mods and without spending over $20 bucks to do it...Good Luck with getting your bike running better..

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