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hey the bike in my profile pic if you can see it. i am doing a total rebuild. but i need help with the motor.
i wana make it racing, fast, hp. all that stuff.
i need yall to tell me what i need to do and what parts i should get.

here is what i have in mind.
1) get a hp walbro 603 carb with the velocity stack adapter
2) get a hp turbine air filter
3) ngk plug
4) i got a hp exhaust on allready
5) sproket kit
6) boost bottels maybe

what else would i need. please help

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Dave's Motors has WT-813 Walbros for $36.99 till Friday. Get a stock alum manifold somewhere online, or if yours is already, fill in the bottom part of the pulse slot to fit the carb, and put a boost fitting on top. You will need a 3/4" $9.50 Choke plate af206 and a tall V-stack that fits it af310 on sale $4.99 and a $7.99 foam filter if you have room in your frame.
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