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What's your poison? Mine is 40:1
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Yeah, that looks like a comfy ride. Those motors as well as most 2 strokes do vibrate. If it is too much you might need to balance the crank. I personally never had to.
Maybe get good insulators for the mounts between the engine and frame.

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Its mostly finished. this is what it is missing,
  • hydraulic brakes
  • higher handlebars
  • better engine cooling

Wheel Tire Bicycle tire Bicycle handlebar Bicycle hub

Set up:

  • 19mm carb
  • Custom carbon reeds
  • Flowed crank cases
  • Tuned cylinder ports
  • High compression head
  • Race clutch
  • Polini airfilter
  • Race exhaust
  • FC crank

it has an easy pull starter on it because the normal one's will break because of the high compression. but the down side of an easy pull starter is that it doesn鈥檛 suck enough air to cool the engine. anyone have an idea how to improve the cooling without removing the easy pull starter?


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I use the regular aluminum pull start housing with snowmobile pull cord.

Some of the flywheels have taller fins then other ones for better cooling.
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