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50cc BZM P2 15hp of awesomeness!

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Typo in the Title.. Its a 50cc BMS P2 with a BZM Motor..

Well home from Vegas and I found a new bike… The best deal on earth that I could not pass it up.. I came home a day early just to make sure the guy didn’t sell it.. It’s a 2007 50 cc, BMS (Bianchi Motor Sports) P2.. Barley rode and broke in.. 3 Practice days of riding, proper break in, No lay downs and still has the whiskers on the tires... It came with about $500 bucks in spare parts, gloves, Complete bolt kit, BZM removal tools, oils and gas.. The Best part, $825 bucks!!!! I’ve never been so happy in my life… lol Think im dreaming!! :rolleyes: Had some but cracks from riding on the thin fiberglass seat but I fiber glassed them up this morning and reinforced the baby good.. Almost ready for the race this weekend.. I’ll be getting the polini parts later in the week and will be starting that upgrade soon!!!

Here are the Specs

Engine: Bizeta 6 ports water / 50cc / 15HP
Carburetor: Dell'orto 18 PHBG race - Polini racing air filter
Cooling system: Large radiator, big volume water pump
Center frame: billet aluminum. Light racing aluminum billet part, designed for maximum flex and smoothest of the frame
Swing arm: aluminum with billet parts (front and rear). The new swing arm 2009 "motogp" type improves even more the bike behavior and the accuracy of the back wheel
Tires: PMT T41
Weight: 20kilos
Wheels / hubs: 5 spoke aluminum billet racing wheels, light aluminum. Integrated valve. Equilibrated wheel. Racing removable hub, light aluminum billet part
Braking: mechanical device front and rear. Billet aluminum part. Progressive and powerful braking due to the BMS system (piston).
Brake disc: 160mm front & 120mm rear in steel with billet centers. Auto cooled discs for better cooling and braking performances
Foot peg bracket: billet light aluminum. Openwork billet part
Handlebar: racing, aluminum billet part. Handlebar end: yes
Windshield: transparent. Any other colors available as an option
Protections: crown-chain protection and rear brake disc protection / fitted on the swing arm (laser cutting with BMS logo)
Triple clamp: billet racing aluminum part. BMS logo engraved on the top triple clamp
Bodywork: bodywork painted at the BMS colors : 2-colours painting model BLACK/YELLOW. Paint job offered

Steering damper:
yes: fitted on the bike. Aluminum billet part. Fully adjustable (hardness). Assembled on top of the upper triple clamp for easy adjustment and better efficiency


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Awesome score Nipples....Lots of Luck and great rides on that badboy.....:thumbsup:
Sweet, you Rock Dude,lol.
OMG I love the beauty!! Of course something had to be wrong.. He said all it needed was a Water pump belt but today I noticed the water pump was a little stiff also.. Tried to take it apart and Can’t figure out how to get that little pin out of the shaft to get the bearing out.. It hits the edge of the Billit housing and cant get it out.. Got it spinning pretty good with some lube but not sure if I'm satisfied.. Does anyone have any experience taking these apart? Might have to sacrifice the one I got for the Polini.. ;)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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