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ADA 3D Racing Manifold for MTA2 Cag with a 15mm WYK Carb

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Found this manifold on a scooter website under Clearance on the 2nd Page. It's a Sell Out, a $50 Manifold for $23.99 and six dollars Fast Shipping. Told Cam2, so if you want one better get it Now.
You can PM me for the Address.
It's 16mm ID & comes w/ gaskets and SS bolts as you can see. Very nice, the WYK don't fit on an alum 603 carb manifold, and it's made in USA, Ra, Ra,lol. Have you noticed, no sharp edges anywhere, and I checked the suface on both sides with my surface block and 300 grit wet & dry sandpaper with WD40.
I just ordered another one 10 minutes ago, they can be modded very easy to fit a WT-603 or 668 or 813, just have to mod the pulse channel a hair& the carb will sit at an angle, much better quality than the $25 China 603 manifolds.


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