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Adventures of the Brown Bullet, Part 1

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Good evening, gentle human. Today, I shall tell you about the weekend's glorious adventures. And so, it is told, that when my fantastic posterior hast sat upon the pocket bike of doom one hence day before, the accursed dip in the asphalt hast caused the soul of the peaceful bike to be damaged. "By my heavens, what form of sorcery has befallen me!?" I said to myself.

Skip to the day of today. It is a day later than yesterday's event, yes? "So, surely, maybe some device has been knocked loose in the carburetor". I disassemble, and reassemble with my keen intelligence and also my articulate fingers. "A test! No Luck! Drat! Surely, if not the carburetor, perhaps the spark." I replace the plug and check the ignition coil of destiny. Then I try starting again, "Not again!!" Then, in a fit of furious rage, I pull the gas line from the carburetor with gas in the tank, prepared to set my befallen beast a blaze, a gateway straight to hell! "And what is this... no gas comes out?" But this is impossible, the tank is full and yet... only a dribble of fuel emerges, like the milk from the worn out nipple that feeds no child. I inspect further, "A KINK! Who dares put a kink in the royal gas line!?" Genius at hand, I fix the line by shortening it so as not to allow much bending. Success. Yes finally... now I lay myself to sleep, for I face the next grueling five days of my rule...

Above is the photo of my grand works as the day comes to a close.

All this work to my pocket bike, aka street destroyer of nations, and YET the bike of the peasantry still functions! I shall kill them soon for mocking the king.

That is no bowling bowl. 'Tis the rear of my protective headpiece. I'm sorry, but that fine work is not for sale. It is the excellent artwork of light paint, rare in all the lands, known to some as white out. I call it... "Rock Lee from Naruto." Who is that? Do not concern yourself, fool!

Ebichu the hamster.
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Oh my...lol Well glad you got it working!! HAHA These things are evil fun killers for sure... Keep some extra screws handy and bring your tools everytime you go somewhere to ride..

Gremlins arent evil sorcerers but the chinese throw them in for free with every purchase to ruin the fun...........:thumbsup:
Those eastern warlocks, I shall smite them using my crappy CAG as a projectile!
Gremlins arent evil sorcerers but the chinese throw them in for free with every purchase to ruin the fun...........:thumbsup:
HAHAHAHAH! Seems so true....
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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