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Adventures of the Brown Bullet, Part 3: Glorious Chain Breaker of the Heavens

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A few moons ago, I hath set forth to loosen the chain on my demon machine. The beast had been crying in the night to have its links loosened, so that it may scream through the burning streets freely. I had loosened it earlier, a decision made from many struggles in my mind. However, to no avail -- the chain of destiny was still tighter than the grip of a female land beast on a succulent donut from the cream which is krispy. Drat!

And then, as if by fate, it was bestowed it upon me! As if meant to be wielded by me, and me alone, left on my doorstep -- the Chain Breaker of the Heavens. :eek: Truly, a tool meant for no mere mortal human, I took it upon my hands and cast it upon the tortured chain. "CRANK!!!" With the last known force from my ripped musculature, I succeeded in undoing the wretched pins. As the final pin fell to the ground, it made a "CLINK" as if admitting its utter defeat as it bowed to my feet.

"Mu ha haaaaa, now who is the one laughing!?" I exclaimed as I held the Heavenly Breaker to the sky, glistening with the rays of the sun.

And then, it was time to restore the honor of my tired friend. By my graces, I gifted it with not one but TWO new Links of the Master, and one extra link. I can only surmise that this extra was the Link of the Slave, for it was no master at all... Then, with the finest of lubes that ever lubed, I coated the chain, and it shined in the oil, full of lewd pleasure and life, like it always wanted to be. I sent this restored warrior back to the speed demon, and it accepted it most readily. Yes my pet, rise... enjoy... enjoy and terrorize the streets once again!
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lol, glad you got it on the road again!!!

Kind sir, I announce to thee, you were not the BBC I had imagined. Please carry on with your works of peace. May the caps of your knees love the asphalt tenderly, this day and the next.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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