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Another Mini Moto Race 9/22-9/23 Grange Motor Circuit

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Going to try and promote this one a little early this time.. The mailer always comes a little late but when I get it I will post all the info! I am for sure trying to make this race.. It is at Grange Motor Circuit in Apple Valley Ca, Up the 15 near Victorvile. Grange Motor Circuit.

Here is a link the Mini Moto USA Calender.

Looks like a very fun track! Anyone that can please come out. Lets not let these races die out!!

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I want to go. Is it only ITalian bikes or can CAGs race too
They say anyone can race.. If enough show up they would probably make them their own class.. They encourage it!!! They were trying to get me to bring my china bikes for weeks but I only brought my Air cooled Polini.. I still got whooped.. lol Show up! It will be fun regardless!!!
Ok for sure. . Yeah i just want to ride. Are u near Lwhere do u practice?. A. ?
I'm In burbank but no where big and safe around me.. We drive all the way to a huge parking lot in Ontario. Open on weekends and night.. We make a track out of hundreds of cut i half tennis balls and just have fun.. There are a few tracks somewhat close.. Kart tracks in Buttonewillow, Perris, Apple Vally, Riverside... They all have open practice days.. Maybe a few others.. But mostly gorrilla riding.. Dont get caught my the po po in Burbank..

Next time we plan a little trip I'll Pm You!
I had a spot in torrance. Way closer than Ontario. I might drive by there n check it out
The torrance airport lot?? If so that spot s.ucks.. The asphalt is bad and bumpy and there is always cars in it.. Unless its late at night..

Ontario is far but never trouble, huge and smooth.. I'll PM you the address..
No not that airport spot. Ive heard of it but never been there. My old screenname on here was cripto-valentine . .
Bump* :rolleyes:

this weekend!! Apple valley!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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