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Another x18 shock to try

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Just found this one for cheap $10 more than the other one I have been using and has adjustments http://www.ebay.com/itm/400310202928?redirect=mobile
Just thought I'd share this one with yall incase I forget to pick this one up next week
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I wonder the shock length is,it says 165inches.....HOLY!!¡
Lol ya I saw that prob why they haven't sold many or its so cheap lol $40 ain't bad tho my $30 one works pretty good so far I've been sinking all my money into my 15 now that my 19 is done and the 18 is just a cruiser I don't like riding that one much but everyone else does lol
I think they meant 165mm if that's the case then that's a great bolt on shock for the x18.
It does look like 165mm to me though,it definitely looks longer.
Yeah once you get use to riding one particular style bikes. Then ya kinda don't wanna ride the other. That's another reason why it's taken me so long to complete the other bike build. I have a feeling i will not want to race it as much as my x18 no matter how good it does.

You know forgot i use to cut down some shocks to what ever length i needed them to be. Then put them back together. I favor the 3 part shocks more than the solid body shocks.
I just think it's the way the 18 is how the back sits higher than the 15/19 or maybe cuz the 18 has a higher ground clearance I dunno I just feel more comfortable and more in control of the 15/19 that's why I am building one of my 15s Into a strictly race bike slow process so far tho
And also if you look at the description of the listing you would never find it if you were looking for a 6.5 or 165 mm shock you would only find it if you were looking for that brand of shock with no size lol
I found it only because it was one of my eBay suggestions
dragon, its the seat, the 15/19 has a wide seat, the 18 has a skinny dirtbike seat
im in the middle of making a gel seat for the 15 to make it even more comfortable
Yeah in stock form the x18 is definitely higher/more ground clearance. This why i went with it becuase i knew it would be easier for me to lower it than to raise. My x18 sits much lower than stock and actually is the same height as Blitz x15. Oh plus the x18 seat mount is raised up from the subframe. The x15 seat mounts are lower so this also has an affect on height.
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