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any one ever use this web site???????

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check out the exhaust pipes kinna like the ones from that 110cc water cooled bike bouser made....also check out the rear shocks maby one will fit the x15
web site kinna weird when on the page on the left hand side of the page under products click all products
Never ordered from there and the one shock they show is 10" def too long the other two have no length but as they sell mostly pit bike Honda dirt bike stuff than it is also a 10"or11" that is way to tall you need a 9.5 I found one in the UK but it was 85 shipped and I have to use my stock spring
there is more then one shock it is just a funky website there is like 5 or 6
ya but the ones i saw were too big or didnt list a size
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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