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Any place to buy new X-18's and X-19's

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I was wondering if there's a place to buy a new X-18 or X-19, BRAND NEW. I live in the USA but I'm wondering if maybe my family in India can buy one and ship it over to me. I'd like it brand new and not used. Any thoughts? I hate the new ban or emissions, whatever it is.
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Depends on where you live. There is few shops that sale them. Just check around in your area. Also check Craigslist under motorcyles then dealer. The people that are saling the china avts and mopads might sale the x18/19 bikes to. Also you can check out (minipocketrockets . Com ) they say they will have them stock in April.

What state do you live in? Maybe someone on the forum might know a shop in your state that sales them. I know theres 2 shops in NC that sales them but dont ship.
Like Repobike said it depends on where you live...Ive seen lots of states that have pocketbike parts stores that sell brand new bikes........Maybe theres one in your area....Just Google "Brand new X18's for sale in whatever state you live in"

something like this for example........ http://ask.reference.com/related/X18+Super+Pocket+Bike?o=102545&qsrc=121&l=dir
Well I've read on distributors sites that their coming back April 2013.
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