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anyone know about a zina80 scooter

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I'm def new to the electric's I've always been a gas or nitro pocket bike guy but my daughter came home with this blue zina80 electric scooter and wants me to get it going for her my problem is I do not have any idea what kind of charger I should use it has just your typical female type plug you would have on almost anything wo the plug type is not a problem I can get that at radio shack my problem is what voltage or amperage I can't find anything on it that states either of hide things unless I disassemble the whole scooter to get the battery out I will post pics if that will help oet me know any ideas would be helpful
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drgnprelude, send me an email with a picture of the scooter and then give me a call. Should be fairly easy to get you going in the right direction

Will.do thanks
Were you able to find the charger or replacement batteries for this scooter? I opened it up and found it had two batteries hooked together in series (double voltage same Ah) which say 6-DZM-3.5Ah, charging instructions for standby use say voltage acquisition 13.6-13.8, initial current 1A max. I looked around the internet for replacements but couldnt find any
For batteries online, for all my bikes I go to security-alarm-batteries.com they have alot of your type of clip on batteries for the electric bikes, cheap & free shipping. I found them on eBay and have bought 3 batteries from them in 2 months. For my 150cc GY6 4 stroke scooter got a 12v ( 13.7v ), 9 amp.hr. battery for $23.99 to my door. They might have chargers also. Or try TNCscooters.com online they have batteries and 24v. chargers. That's why the batteries are hooked pos. to neg. to make 24v. I have a 3 prong 24v charger for a Razor Rocket electric bike from my PR200 bike, in parts now.
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