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Anyone Read Chinese

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OK, obviously the heavy RED and BLACK are Battery. The heavy BLUE and YELLOW go to motor. I know the only 3 wire has to be the throttle but I can't read the colors. Guessing RED is 5V, BLACK ground, and BLUE 0-4V. Two are labeled 'brake light' and 'charging port'. That leaves 3 unidentified. There are actually 8 connectors but only 6 are shown in their schematic.

Any help, like on/off switch can be left open and controller will work, will be appreciated. The throttle I want to use has a bit different of wiring colors too. Instead of RED BLACK BLUE it has RED GREEN YELLOW. I'm pretty sure it will translate in that order i.e. RED is 5V, BLACK and GREEN are ground, BLUE and YELLOW are 0-4V.

I'm also guessing the charging port will just take >24V and will do a little bit of charging control.


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You need an on/off switch and thats one of the remaining connectors..

If your controller and setup is 24 volts youll be ok...If its 36 or 48 and run 36 or 48 then you need a 36 or 48 volt charger
Thanks, I think I have most of the connections cornered now. Not that anyone will ever buy the same controller but I'll document it just a bit just in case.

RED BLUE was the on/off switch. Has to be wired on with a 5 amp or so fuse.

The 20.5 on the label is the shut down battery voltage. Took more then a few minutes of 'nothing I do works' until I got that figured out and applied enough voltage for it to work.

The 3 wire throttle is RED 5V, BLACK Ground, BLUE 0-4V input. Turned out the throttle I got had gone south. I just hot wired it with a AA battery to see it run at ~1/3 speed then put a pot between 5V and 0-4V input to see the range. New throttle on order, should be here next week.

The other connectors look like lights or some other bit of extraneous fluff. Maybe a brake switch with motor off capability. Not sure, don't care.:)

I'm kind of surprised there isn't a lot of maker stuff on controllers. I've looked in the two controllers I have and the power switching seems to be a bit simplistic. Forty year old designs based 555 timers or op amps. I think it could be done better or at least simpler with just an 80 amp SCR out of a broken microwave oven and a PIC or AVR controller.

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