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STICKY PLEASE!!!!! (under the other stickies)

Hello All,

There are going to be some new rules regarding safety and one other item (scoring) starting with the next race and all future races.

The following rule goes for everyone (racer or otherwise, pocketbiker or mini rider)

-There is to be NO MORE RIDING IN THE PITS. None what-so-ever.
From now on all bikes must be walked to the track entrance before the start of your race. After your race is complete, you can ride it up to the exit of the track but that's it. You then turn off your engine and push it back to your pits. A hot pit will be marked for those needing to test. Violators will be warned of this rule once, the second time you may be DQ'ed from your race.

For Pocketbike racers....

Due to the issues we have had from timing and scoring, (especially with the larger Cag classes) the scoring folks have just about had it. Many of you have numbers that can hardly be read from 2 feet let alone twenty, so we have come up with a new way to mark your bikes.

-Numbers on bikes MUST be black numbers on a white background, the numbers must be 5 inches tall on a white background that measures (this may change) 6x7 inches. The track sells 6"x7" white plastic number plates (for about a $1 i think) that will need to be afixed to the FRONT of your bike. 4 small holes drilled into your fairing with 2 zip ties looped through should secure it. Or you may decide to run without a front fairing in which case you can mount it with brackets. Either way, this is a mandatory front plate layout, if you do not have it this way on the front of the bike, you will not be allowed to race, any other numbers on your bike are a bonus. I know this may not look pretty on your bikes but it is the only way we can get numbers that are consistant and easily read.

These rules are to help with the flow of the day as well as for important safety reasons. I appreciate everyones compliance.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me

Matt Myers
(209) 914-3697

and more

Official Rules for PB Classes at Stockton
posting for Ted & Matt,can we make this sticky please

Official Rules for PB Classes at Stockton
Matt and I (Ted) have come up with the official "rule set" for the SMRRC pocketbike classes, these rules WILL be enforced.

Based on the turnout, and any pending issues that may arise during the remainder of the season, some rules may be changed or deleted for the following year(season).

Also a little side note, apparently the new water cooled Cags will be on our shores in a very short time, from the pictures I have seen, they are knockoffs of, yet again, another Blata. It looks like they will be Blata Origami clones. In all likelyhood these bikes will not be allowed since the real ones are open 40 bikes, a determination will be made when we have time to inspect one. Stay tuned.

Stock Cagllari:

Bikes permitted
-Cagllaris (aka Cags) and Blata 2.5s
•both bikes must be air cooled
•both must be no greater than 40cc (40mm bore)

-Bikes must be completely stock with the exception of the following-
•any tire
•any air filter (must be stock carb., may use velocity stack)
•any gearing combination
•aftermarket clutch springs (must be stock clutch assembly)
•aftermarket silencers (must be stock expansion chamber)

-Examples of ILLEGAL modifications-
•aftermarket pipes
•aftermarket carbs or modified carbs
•decking or machining cylinder to increase compression
•enlarging, modifiying, polishing transfer ports, intake or exhaust ports
•lightening flywheel
•timing advance keys
-These are examples of illegal modifications, ANY modification to the engine will place you in the Open Cag class. The goal is to keep the Stock class as even (based on bike) as possible, and affordable.

Open Cag / 4.2:

Bikes permitted
-Cagllaris, Blata 2.5, Polini (series 1 motors) powered bikes (DM, ZPF, GRC, BMS, Stamas, Polini, ATM, Pasini, GEM, ect.)
•all bikes must be air cooled
•all bikes must be no greater than 40cc

-Cag & Blata 2.5
•limited to 14mm Dell‘Orto carbs
•Walbro carbs must not exceed 16mm on the cylinder side, carbs permitted
•603 series
•257 series
•167 series
•bikes must retain original 40cc cylinder, original case, original crank
•any porting, polishing, or machining allowed as long as the cylinder retains its stock bore (40mm)
•any pipe
•must retain original single reed intake, however any reed material may be used (carbon fibre, fiberglass)
•any timing advance mechanism

-4.2 bikes, Polini (series 1) motors
•limited to Dell’Orto 14mm carbs
•single reed intake (no aftermarket dual reed cages permitted)
•stock “4.2” crank and 3 port cylinder (315)
•stock “4.2” pipe


Bikes Permitted
- Any Polini (Series 2) Motor powered bike, (DM, ZPF, GRC, BMS, Stamas, Polini, ATM, Pasini, GEM, ect.)
•40cc air or liquid cooled motor
•3 port cylinder (316)
•14mm Dell’Orto carb max.
•any production pipe
•any tire is allowed
•any clutch
•any gearing

-Blatas with 5 port motors are permitted on a case by case basis. All Blata motors are limited to the same 14mm Dell’Orto carb.

-Polini cylinders not allowed
•316A 5 port w/c
•316B 5 port w/c, 50cc
•315A 5 port a/c (out of production)


-Pocketbike racing is a family oriented sport, and all participants should conduct themselves accordingly.

-Cheating and poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated, and any inapropriate behavior could result in forfieture of race points, diqualification, or expulsion from the track facilities.


-If you suspect someone of having illegal modifications to their race bike you may request a teardown within 15 minutes of the completion of the race. (request teardown with Matt or Ted)
•If you request a teardown of an opponents bike, you must provide a $50 (cash) teardown fee.
•If the bike in question is found to have illegal modifications, you are repayed the $50 fee and the bike/rider in question will forfeit the days points and possibly be disqualified from the following race.
•If you are asked to have your bike torn down, and you refuse, you will automatically be considered to have illegal modifications and be disqualified from the days races.
•If a bike is to be torn down and no illegal mods are found, the accuser loses the $50 fee, which is payed to the accused.
•Bikes will be torn down by the pocketbike tech inspector, both the bike owner and accuser may be present for the teardown.

The goal of Pocket Bike racing is to have fun and if luck is smiling on you, to win some races, if you feel the need to cheat, you need to find another sport. Cheating WILL NOT be tolerated, and these rules will be enforced.
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