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B1 C1 Radiator Brace, from Hardware

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Had to take the body off the C1 today to get to the spark plug and get ready for the racing exhaust. So, I took pictures of the Radiator braces I made from 50 cent interior wall end braces w/ metal interior inside the sheetrock, like offices. Their Simpson Strong-Tie WT-6 wall end braces. Bend the ends over, drill holes in the straps and you need to mod the bottom of the radiator and thread without drilling into the water tubes and thread them & or run a nut on the inside like I did. I ran bolts bolts backwards thru the upper body braces and put the body on with nylon lock nuts, plus used metal rubber washers to cushion braces and body parts. The Rad is rock solid now no vibration at all.


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lov this i might use the same idear i also think theres to much play in that radiator of mine
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