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back from Philly

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Hey guys, i joined a couple months ago after buying an x18 and got some great feedback and help getting it running pretty well. my hope was to track it, but it was gonna be too much work and $$$ to get it done so i wound up selling it (for twice what i paid for it :) )

so the other nite i found and bought a 50cc 4 stroke X6 (or X8 not entirely sure) for $75!!! :eek:
prev owner said it needed a battery charge and he lost the key. i figured it would need some work for that cheap anyway but for the price it was worth a shot.

anyway, i need some more help guys: it was just listed as 50cc 4 stroke so what do you think? X6? X8? its auto elec start, no kicker.
i need to replace the charger/fuse/key box first. buy a charger second, and prob replace the battery. from the looks of it the batt in it is not the right size (does not fit in the metal walls in frame to contain the batt)

so any help is greatly appreciated:
what is the right size battery?
its a 3 prong charger plug, so do i use a 12V charger?
any suggestions on spark plug size? (i wanna replace that since it looks like the stock plug, hope they have an E3 in this size)

i also may swap out the carb, i saw a 26mm mikuni listed as for an x6 or x8 4 stroke, will that work? or is that too big? i also see 22mm.

also prob gonna need a new swingarm as this one is pretty rusty. good for some riding, but def no tracking (see pic below)

if anyone has experience w these bikes please help me out, thanks guys!


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It might be a 70cc, sometimes they lie. It's a 12v system, but never put move than a 2 amp charge on it. All you need a is a kill switch, other than it has no kick start, it will run with out a battery. What numbers or letters are at the bottom of the black cylinder? A 19mm carb would be more than enough for a stock engine. My 110cc X18 came w/ a 19mm.
thanks EPR, but without the kickstart how do i get it started other than the electric start that needs the battery?

and forgive my ignorance but which black cylinder?

for the carb, does going to a 22 or 26mm give it noticeably more power/speed/acceleration tho?
You can jump start it off another battery, but be careful not to over power the system, with alot of amps.
The black engine cylinder under the head, there are markings cast into it. My 125cc ATV is automatic too, so you need a good battery, mine is 12v 5 amp hr
cool i'll check those numbers in a bit.

i am gonna order a charger, the 12v 1a charger is only $15 and it couldnt hurt to have one handy.

so i shouldnt worry about the battery being physically too large for the bracket, it is a 12v... i guess i should hold off buying a new battery till i see how this one takes a charge.
I PMed you with an address, for electrical stuff.
thanks got it brother. i wound up ordering a tricle charger last night from ebay for like $10. 12v 1amp. also grabbed the key/ignition and a charger port pretty cheap.

once that stuff gets here i should be able to get the bike started and see how it sounds/runs and go from there with mods etc.

i did notice alot of rust around the plate on the swingarm (pic below) will a swingarm from another model super pbike fit the x6? i found a few used x18 and x1 swingarms on ebay for a decent price in good shape. havent really seen any x6 swing arms. i assume an x8 swingarm would fit too, but havent seen those either.


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Sand it down and paint it with engine paint.
its kinda deep rust actually. plus the guy i bought it from said when he bought it used the plate there was cracked so he welded it. i just worry about it holding up if i track it. thats why i was thinking of replacing. its fine for just riding around and my girl to learn on, idk if i would trust it at high speeds in corners w my big *** on it LOL
thanks for all the feedback btw EPR, appreciate it. was kind of expecting more people to respond. when i got my x18 i got a few guys giving me some good feedback and tips... guess the x6 just isnt as popular
I have relatives in Reading Pa. and Philly too, haven't seen them for along time though, cause I live in California,lol. The main problem is they don't make them bikes anymore, I would keep an eye out for a cheap X6 or X7 that has a good frame, and use it and the other bike for parts. CL or eBay /Motors /motorcycles and anywhere else you might find one.
Well imo opinion you traded down big time! The bike you have there is an x5 still the same as the x6/x8 just a different tail section. You'll spend more money trying to track that bike vs your previous bike. The metal China used to make those bikes are extremely soft. They often fail at the rear, whether it be the rear shock mounts and swingarm pivot areas.
Looking at the plate that was welded on certainly suggests that the shock mount on the swingarm cracked and started to break. I have 2 of those chassis and they had the same issue.On 1 the swingarm was jacked up the other the shock mount on the frame was jacked up.lol So i put a new swinger on the chassis that was in better condition that was as far as i got.
Also there are NO aftermarket tires to fit those rims. So you will have to stick to stock tires. Which is a shame because i like those rims the best and have quite a few sets of them too.
IMO that bike is better left in stock form or just some eye candy.
I was gonna build minds up to a streetfighter look. I would have loved to do a trackbike build with it. But it would have been a terrible waste of resources and time knowing what the end results will be.

I'm not on these forums as much do to the lack of intrest in racing these bikes. So it really doesn't leave me with much to talk about.
Oh also the heel guards are mounted backwards on your bike there.
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thanks for the feedback swheels! good info.
i noticed the heel guards were on backwards as well LOL, the guy i bought the bike from really didnt seem to know much about it.
as for my x18, it just needed WAY too much work and i paid $225 for it, added a carb, cdi, fuel lines, spark plug and coil (prob spent about $60 total on ebay) and sold it for $450... it would have needed ALOT more money invested to get track ready, i just felt it wasnt worth it since alot of the stock parts were rusted and needed replacing before i even got to upgrades.

this bike i found for $75 and its automatic, really its for my girl to learn to ride on. i was gonna track it when she was done for my son to move up to a mid sized bike. i figure the honda clone 50cc is faster that his chinese gp rsr 47cc. if its that much of a hassle to track i will prob just use for the street, fix it up a bit and sell when they are done with it.

thanks for the tips brother
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