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Back into cags

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Scrolling through Facebook market place 8 came across a mta2 gen 1 crane for about $30. No motor, no fairings just an empty frame. I had a bunch of spare parts and after spending around $170 on other parts, fairings, and a projet pipe I think I finally have everything to complete the bike.

I love the lucky 7 frame, but there is just something special to me about a mta2 gen 1 frame. It's nostalgic and has really good riding geometry.

I don't plan on doing to much to the motor, just reeds, air filter, projet pipe and jetting. I just want a good fun running bike. I will also be designing meathook pegs with my 3d printer to mount on cag footpeg mounts. So that will be a fun addition to. If anyone is interested in done meathook pegs I could probably be persuaded to make some. I already have the design laid out for euro bike mounts. Just need to change it up a bit to fit cags.

Anywho, my DM is a blast on the track, but cags in a parking lot is what started it all for me and I'm excited to get back to that.


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Right on once you get them done it would be cool if you posted up the STL
Nice find, I just bought a cheap one to flip. I am doing an extremely low budget and using parts on my shelf.
I definitely understand the parking lot love with these bikes. I purposely keep one around for that, but a totally stock 40mm. Lol
Nice to see us saving these from the scrap heap.
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