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the plastic cover on my warrior finally died.

i went into a wheelie, it fell off, and i ran it over (oops) CRACK and its so messed up now its beyond reusing.

i COULD buy a new one and have it die again slowly. but i decided to do something different.

heres the old cover...

cut a piece of a riding mower body panel out with an angle grinder. WEAR THICK GLOVES AND SAFETY GLASSES! (or face shield, thats even better.)

then all i did was drill holes in it, and the backplate cover mounts, bent the edge back a little, and bolted it on. i might weld the bolts heads to the underside of the cover to make removal easy (so i can lube clutch and chain)

not sure if im going to keep it the way it is, but might trim off the sharp edge.

rode it for about 20 mins and its totally fine. doesnt rub the clutch or chain.

so what has anyone else done to their covers?

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Nice Job! That looks tougher than the Plastic....

Back in the "Day" most all things we're made of metal, and they lasted longer, who would have guessed it!

Keep it up thunder! Innovation is Awesome, and Evolution does exist! just look at all of our bikes! :thumbsup: :p :thumbsup:
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