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beat up x 15

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yep, took a road trip up to texas to get this mess. it looked better in the pic the guy had on craigslist but sense i was already there i figured i might as well take it anyways. engine doesnt run but without even taking it apart i can see like 20 reasons why it wouldnt. pry just gona buy a new body kit sense im no good with body work and its missing a few pieces. the guy before me crashed it into a light pole or something then welded some type of guard onto the frame and made some messed up exhaust pipe.. anyways my plans for it. get it running, run full lights, brakes blinkers.. apparently x 15s dont come with that stuff.. new body kit, and of course ill the stuff the previous owner should have done 6 years ago when the bike with brand new. oh but the frame looks like it actually is tig welded together and not welded with some type of metal spitting laser beam type thing...:thumbsup: anyways this threads gona die fast cuz i dont have money or space to have 2 bikes taking apart in the bedroom but ill bring it back when the x 19 is done


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Ha he welded frame sliders on it lol if you part it out I'll take the bad lower and mid fairings I don't mind bodywork lol plus cheaper than new so if you get rid of em pm me
Altho your right it looks good in the pics
well ya i do see some crazyness but its not that bad really, the tail looks great, gl finding new body parts, im resigned to using airtech stuff its like 600 a body
hopefully this isnt out of stock or something. yea theres alot of good on this bike, the frame is really nice and the rims are good. it looks like they maybe rode this bike for 10 miles tops, crashed it and put it in storage. the sprockets are stock and they look almost brand new.
aight well im looking for some parts just so i know where to find them, ima get an x 18/19 wire harness then wire everything the same way my x 19 is but i will need the front brake with the wires to turn the brake like on and either a new rear brake with the hydro switch or just a hydro switch that will fit. i dont wanna mess with that spring break set up.. **** 600 a body? might as well be buying new bikes haha
ya, but that body in the world its for (nsf,nsr) is chump change, the nsf went for 5k
and then you gotta look at what you get, this is real race fibreglass, not molded plastic, it wont crack in the wind, or if the sun hits it
it could last quite a long time, and then its resale value is good if it isnt tore up
so i agree its alot, but motors cost that much and ive been through alot of them
yea i get what your saying. it would be nice to have a fiberglass body but im not into racing like you are. maybe one day tho
which will fit?
10x1.00 http://www.ebay.com/itm/MOTORCYCLE-...es&hash=item20c65de4d6&vxp=mtr#ht_1445wt_1037
or 10x1.25 http://www.ebay.com/itm/Motorcycle-...es&hash=item2ebf48d9df&vxp=mtr#ht_1685wt_1270
or is there anyone one? im pretty sure i need the 1.25 one from reading ebay postings but ima ask the geniuses anyways
i really dont know cuz i took the rear brakes off, is that what the switch is for? i remember thinking you would need to tap it in, its metric fo sure, and smaller one prolly
just remove the bolt on top and check the thread pitch im not sure what size it is and im not removing mine to bleed that rear brake again lol but it just replaces the banjo bolt on the top of the rear master the bolt that goes through the line take it out and see and if you dont know take it to a parts store they usually have a thread gauge
its to add a break light to the rear breaks, just discovered some more things missing from the rear brakes so its pry gona be cheaper to get a new rear brake then buy parts to make this ones right. im sure i can buy a stock rear brake setup from someone on here for cheap.
X19 body parts are still available, no more right side nose parts for the x15

that sucks cuz thats what i need. i didnt care for the look of the x 15 till i read the post saying which bike it was based off of then fell in love with the look of the x 15 after seeing that benelli tornado.
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