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Been awhile

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My pb has been collecting dust in the corner of my room. Its about time got her back up and running. I damaged the wrist pin but I'm thinking of grabbing a used motor and doing another build. Any groundbreaking mods in the a/c Cag world?? I need to give Sam a call and see what he has been upto.

Between the Civic projects and the big bikes I have simply neglected my little Cag:(
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Welcome back man.....wow its been a great month with members making a comeback or pitstop.....

Dude dont buy a used bottomend.....Buy a brand new engine from bigmotorsport for $79.00 with free shipping and have it shiped direct to sam to save yourself shipping costs.The brand new 49cc cylinder may become a plus in your favor on how your billed out for one of his 2pc kits because its new and ready to mod his way with a twist and flip for a profit....

The engine you get will be one crispy new engine ready for a light gentle break-in then a hardcore romping................Good luck.......
Hey thanks Cam!! Do you have a phone number/website for BigMS?
Hey your back, got the itch again right,lol. I would get a new piston & rings and pin & bearing and build it up from there.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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