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Begginer questions

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I just got my first pocket bike (ive wanted one for a really long time) and it was used. Supposedly needed a pull start so i fixed that and then my exhaust pipe snapped. Its an X-treme XP-489 and im pretty sure it has the same motor as a Calligri, so i was wondering if i could just buy an oem calligri exhaust pipe? If not do you know of any racing ones that would fit it that are under $100
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Lots of pipes for lots less than 100 dollars for cag motors. Jet pro, phatty pipe, Ip2 if you're willing to try and make it work. there are also less expensive performance pipes that simply have a bigger belly and headpipe. Performance wise the best would probably be a Jet Pro S pipe, but they often need to be custom fitted, since they are so odly shaped...
ok also do you know a dependable website to buy a cag? Im thinking about just selling mine on craigslist and buying a brand new 300 dolla cag but i cant find a reputable seller
Alot of websites are sold out... you are better off sticking with what you've got and restoring/building up.
That's a big Yes, you will have to replace half the stuff on the new bike, so just fix the one you got. PBParts in Florida online has a hp chrome under and up exhaust for $39, I have 2 & one I turn into a side pipe and put it on my Lucky 7. Buy $100 in parts get free shipping. See Photos


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ok.. If im gonna stick with what i have what are the most important parts to upgrade (other than exhuast)
Metal Pullstart
Petcock Mod
Lightened flywheel
Lightened clutch
HP clutch springs
Carburator upgrade if you can
44mm 3 port big bore kit, with windowed piston.
Full circle crank
NGK sparkplug

This stuff along with new hardware(steel allen bolts, new bearings all around)
You can start buy taper boring your stock carb, and re-jetting & a V-stack and air filter & adding a boost bottle , carbon fiber reeds, a good exh. Cut some fins off your flyw, hp clutch springs, holes in your clutch arms, a
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