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Best mods for mx650

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In about a month or two i will be my 13th birthday and for my birthday I am asking for an mx650! (It was cheaper in the uk than the mx500!) So what I was wondering is what upgrades I could get and what is the best setup to get the most speed but at the same time being able to go up roads that are fairly steep without heating up quickly (Basically a lot of speed but strength and reliability). I will be riding on the road at all times though as I said before a fair amount of roads near me are fairly steep so I would not like to burn out or make the engine hot very quickly! I don't really have a budget but I do not want to spend loads. I also am not that skilled with wiring, controllers etc. so I also ask if you could please make a quick but easy to understand guide. I will though have my dad beside me for the work (he is more skilled with this kind of thing) so that will be more helpful. I also unless it really is that good would not like to do any welding as we do not have that many tools for it and no friends or relatives that do it as a job therefore we would have to go out and pay for it to be done. The last thing is that I am in the uk so I have read many posts about downgrading motors to 500w 24v, upgrading to 48v etc. but they all link to tncscooters which costs £60 postage, yep thats right £60! I would be willing to spend this if I had to but if I can get the parts on a uk site like ebay or something else then please say!
Thanks Again
Lashooterboy :D
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One more thing, I also wondering if I could set up front and rear lights (brake light, indicators, headlight) and an ignition key setup. Would I also be able to have it that there is off there is on and if you turn it the full way it turns the lights on? Just wondering and for a standard on/off ignition key is it 2 or 3 wires?
Thanks again
Lashooterboy :D
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