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Best Way To Ship A Pocket Bike

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I have seen many people buy pocket bikes off of here. How do they ship i mean whoas a box and styro foam for a pocket bike, how does that part work out?
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It would cost around 250-300 to ship whole I have shipped a bike in a box for 175 altho I had to completely disassemble the bike and put it in a box you need a reinforced box labeled up on it that is long enough to fit just the frame but wide enough to fit the other parts I forget the size I used tho but I took off the forks and swingarm and plastics but left the motor in the frame and put a piece of plywood on the bottom for stabily and packed everything around it and used a lot of bubble wrap the shipping weight was 163lbs and this was last year also don't know how much it went up since then go to a UPS or FedEx place with the measurements u need and a weight of 170 and see how much to ship to get the price don't tell them its a motorcycle tho and make sure all the gas is out from the carb and tank and clean it with carb clean or brake clean and let it sit for a day or two then tape off all the openings in the carb and gas tank so there will be no smell of gas do all this to save a 100 or two or see if someone will do that to ship it to you
Hope this helps
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Take it apart...35% of the bike will fit in n a "if it fits it ships box" and the rest in a big box....

Last time I shipped a cag it costed me $78.00..I used palletwrap and corrugated cardboard edges to wrap it with the forks w front wheel and tucked handlebars palletwrapped to the frame,,Then I slapped fragile labels and a shipping label on it even though it didnt have a body..The palletwrap cut down on the dimensional shipping costs
oh ya sorry that was for a midbike a x18 don't know what you are thinking of for shipping tho
thanks everyone that responded it is a pocket bike
Pocket bikes are today's fastest growing products. These miniature motorcycles have created a buzz across the country as more and more people discover the excitement of pocket bike riding. For best shipping the pocket bike need to put it in a box properly.
Go get a big screen tv box with all styro foam find some packing peanuts. Turn handle bars inwards and pack that sucker tight as hell. should be able to ship for less than a $100.
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