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Best Ways 2 Sell Your Own Bikes, Parts, Etc

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Hey, I & maybe others might want to know of good selling techniques or tricks to $elling a Bike, Quad, parts or anything in General that you may have. I know myself that I will have a project, but then when done I will sell it to buy another or parts or supplies for another. So when someone says they're coming over 2 C your bike & they're Really interested, what do you do ? How do you get them to come over ? I'd say 40 % actually come over. Also, how do you stick to your $500 or whatever asking price $$$ ? So the selling techniques can be legit or sneaky ( haha ) Just like 2 know - I find it interesting ! Cheers
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if u want 500 tell em 600 on the phone and then say forget that 500 and they will feel like ther geting a discount but not really
Make sure it runs or the parts are good, don't say its anything that it's not, mention everyting wrong with the item, offer a fair price and stand firm... GOOOD PICTURES! :rolleyes:
When someone tries prying me lower than I plan on selling the item for like a cag or an r/c vehicle I tell them you want it for that price I gotta remove the parts I added....... I grab a box and point to a bunch of parts that I say Im gonna give them after taking my parts I added back and they usually cave and peel thinking theyre getting a deal...........

When I go to buy......... I throw a few nicer looking bikes in the back of my truck for negotiating leverage....I look at the bike and throw a ridiculous offer they giva a shocked face until I tell them the prices I got the bikes in the back of my truck for each then they see things my way 90% of the time.....lol
i always throw my stuff on craigslist, also always try to fix any little things that are wrong with your bike. spending 10 dollers or so on your bike can add another 50 to your sale price.
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