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Bigger X18 Tires?

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So I thought that x18 looks pretty small because of the tires. Where can I get bigger ones and what size would you recommend?
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Hey blitz I think u messed up on that link
I am using 90/90/10 front and 130/70/10 rear kenda 413 tires so far so good don't expect to race or get some crazy lean angles with them but on the road there great
drgnprelude, how much bigger are those tires?
hmm it worked when i first did it, i typed x18 tires into the search box and a bunch of threads came up that already went over this plenty
Maybe it my phone it just brings me back to this thread
And they are a bit taller the front is tall enough that you need to move the front fender up a screw hole and the back is a bit taller but much better ride
Did you use the same rims and axles? And that doesn't seem too hard if that's all you had to do (move the front fender). And by front fender do you mean the one on the wheel? Thanks!
The stock rear tire is big enough, the front is to low and too small. I got a 100 x 80 x 10" Shinko Golden Boy rear scooter tire, road legal, 62mph rated for $30.23 and $16.11 S/H, $46.34 to my door. Wholesale-Cycles, online.


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Thanks EPR that looks nice! Did you use the same axle and rims for that tire? Thanks!
I used all the oem parts, but you have to move the fender up and mount the bottom to the top hole on the fork to raise it. I would put a tube in it if you can, it's tubeless and I polished the inside if the rim and had a tire place put it on & it still leaks where it seals or the valve that I should have replaced and it's a slow leak so I put tire sealer in it and it stopped.
So if I buy a 100/80/10 scooter tire for the x18 what size tube should I get I seen a 3.25, a 3.50x10 tube also seen a 2in x10 tube do u kno what size tube would fit..
Also did u have to do any mods to fit the 130/70/10 rear tire on the x18, did it fit without any problems or any modifications..
My X18 still has the stock tire which works real good on the road. If I change it, it will be another 50 low profile series tire, that is the height of the tire. I put a taller front cause I put a 1" longer rear shock made from a $30 BMX bicycle shock and a 6" dirt bike shock spring I got online for $10. It was on the bike till I found the bike shock a ChaserTech online. The taller the tire is the more it bends in the corners, I'm on a mountain hwy, 35 to 45 MPH. Most of the time I am wide open. I have 15/28 gears on it now w/ a PBU billet alum rear gear, very high, stock was 17/38.
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