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Pocket Bike Planet Bike of the month (BOTM) Contest rules.


No cheating!

One entry per user (IP address) per contest, if you have ten bikes you can only pick one to use for each contest.

One vote per user (IP address) per contest.

A bike may win up to 3 times per year

No photoshopped photo's, If you get caught using a computer enhanced image you will not be allowed to enter the BOTM contest again.

The BOTM contest will change each month

Each month we will be after a different goal, 1st month might be best looking bike (overall), 2nd month might be best paint, 3rd month might be best custom etc etc...

People who enter the contest must not slam other competing bikes, I don't expect this to be true for all users, but I will expect it of the users entered in the contest.

You must own the bike you enter, and should expect to be asked for custom up to date pictures as proof of ownership.

The winning bike will be chosen by user votes

If there is less than 10 bikes entered the contest will roll over to the next month


By submitting pictures of your bike for this contest you are granting pocketbikeplanet.com a copyright to use these pictures on our site.

Rules subject to change at any time for any reason.
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