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Billet Cag Cases Parts to Build the Engine

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Got to cases from driver D from Germany yesterday, getting all the parts together, to finish the final modding that some of my parts need.
The piston is a one ring from a 44mm Husqvarna chain saw w/ 10mm pin. the carb is the modded Dell PHBG copy 19/17mm sleeved unit I made, just for this engine. The cyld is a 4 wide port with an alloy Cag head. The 10mm FC crank will power the bike. PS: Do not pass Go do not collect $200,lol.


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Looking good...Can you post flatter aerial shots of the side with the reedblock mounted like pic #1 but more towards the upper reedblock area..?

It sort of looks like the side with the reedblock has less of a cutout on the top of the reed canal over the bottom......Its like the reedblock isnt centered with equal reedopening on both halves...

Is the case designed to limit the opening of the upper set of reeds?.......I marked a pic showing what I mean


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@ cam2
... do you now generally , how much the reeds open at all ???!!!;)
- in relation of the " automaticly reed stopper / intake case "
( its designed as in all other brands engines , if needed a " reed stopper " the case will do but think a little: how much the reeds will open by working ?? ... it's not so much that they always comes up to the case )


the flow part you can make a little wider and smoother, the rest a little rounding if you want - but carefully - not so much , otherwise you come to near to the holes for the cyl. mounting !!

Test it out before in stock version; ( after widen.. the material is gone and comes not back ... away is away :D)

... and don't put a part for the boost bottle inside of the rubber intake.

If really fine adjusted it's not needed.

( But otherwise : now it's yours - you ordered - you paid for - now you can do with it what you want :rolleyes:;) )
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look at the one half of the case with reedblock....


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**** those cases look good. I've been going a little crazy on the spending though. Maybe on the next build.
Not only "looks good" ... should be have another characteristic as before by the now at the top placed intake / with two reeds , shorter way for the fuel ; no more way through the whole case , etc..., also more performance .( as the brands cases )

( In furthter times with the "Quadriga" / 4 reeds , only mounted on the stock case ... it was also not the real hit ).

We will see....
CAM2, the crank is on its end leaning, lol, I saw it, it would not stand straight,lol. There is a gap between the cylinder bottom lip and the cases, near where the third port would be, in the center, 2mm deep and 8.5mm long. Space for the fuel and air to sneek into the third port?? If I used a copper base gasket that area would only have a 2mm seal area. With Yamabond there will be a 4mm seal area, so don't see any problems.
I would like a 45 degree shelf on both sides just above the main crank bearings, and more on the rear high side near the 3rd port, which I will do with my dremel file. Call me stupid, but I think the flow up the main transfer ports is cut off buy the sharp cliff. A 45 degree cutter in the CNC mill,lol. Have to change it a hair here and there but these cases are Sick. Like the Master said, lol, the air fuel goes around the top of the crank, and my 1" wide side ports match almost perfect the cases, so it will be pretty easy.
Oh, on the reeds, I opened them all the way, looks like enough flow for me, just a few more round edges and my own personal touch.
CAM2, you could do alot with these cases. A piston port cut cyld. & Cag alloy head with a second carb and FC crank. This would make a good Alky engine, coat it with teflon, to protect it from the fuel,lol.
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Nice Epr!...Hoping that Husq piston will run good! Is it dimension wise the same as a regular 44mil piston?
It feels just like a new stock Cag 44mm piston. The're not far off, it has a flat top, & 14mm from the pin hole top in piston to the top. A 44mm Cag has a crown at 16mm and pin hole to the top edge 12mm whether it be 10 or 12mm pin. So, may need too grind down the outer 3/8" around the top down .080" to clear the comp head piece, along with a thicker base gasket to raise the cyld. Have 2 comp pieces, one a 17:1, 44mm and a 15:1, 40mm, I can grind some to clear the piston there too.
The hold up is I fill like Crap for 3 days now, so not much getting done,lol. Billet cases still need some porting work so I can't put the crank and try 2 different 44mm height cylinders, so I can see where I am at.
Also have a new Cag case, for my 1 ring, 40mm Husqvarna piston project, going for a 1/2" to 9/16" wide third int. port, cause the ring split is on the side. The 44mm the ring pin stop for the piston is right in the middle so have 2, 4 port modded cylinders. I stole the ADA alloy Cag head and SS bolts for the 40mm engine and took them to the 44mm Billet engine, so the 40mm will get the gold head,lol.
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Awesome!!! I cant wait to see how it all comes together!!! Take pics of all your personal touches for us..... lol Sounds like you got alot going on but try anyway.... lol
Hell, I spent over $20 on good bolts today, building a mockup engine tomorrow will post a few photos. Took the silver ADA head from the 40mm engine and am using it now on the F1 billet engine. Both the C1 and Billet Cases need some slight porting, then I can start to assemble both engines.
Re:photos Update Billet Cag Cases Parts to Build the Engine

I assembled all the parts for the billet cases today, and broke out the IP2 exhaust for photos. Have 2 cylinders, both 44mm 4 port, the black one is lower than the silver by .036", so if its to short, will paint that cylinder black or blue. Don't know if the pipe will go over the 19/17mm Dell copy carb or not yet. Might have to rig a Walbro carb on it,lol. Can't find my box of black foam filters, grrrrr. I have a 16/15mm Dell SHA copy carb I modded if the 19/17mm is to much.


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Looking real good! Ha..haven't seen one of those pipes in a good while.
where can i get me a set of those nice shiny cases? i like em!

( PM sent )


little tip: ;)
put the carb complete into the rubber manifold ( otherwise the rubber will be break after a while in the " fasten area " and turn the carb cap/ throttle inlet to the front )
If the carb is in stock condtion , maybe you'll have little problems to get him running fine and really adjusted, it needs at least a few changes ....
Driver, that China 19/17mm Dell carb is in the manifold with the bump on the rear tube in the channel in the rubber/steel manifold, if I push it back more the bumb will be out of the channel in the manifold. Maybe grind off that bump and push the carb all the way in. I have alot of main jets for that carb and real Dell 'orto jets PHBG and SHA I got on eBay for $3 each, most are small .5 .6mm for scooters. I have 3 gauge drill sets from .13mm to 3mm.
The IP2 pipe is a China copy I believe.
Look at the pictures - this is what I mean ...put complete into

( also see the position of the cap)

.. and adjusting - also an orig. Dellorto - only with some main jets is not possible for good working ( or better, generally running carb/ engine ) ;) ( not with the PHBG types )


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I know what you meant, but the China dells are alittle different, I will deal with that later. On my 19mm Dell to Cag manifold the carb fits good. On the V reed block, the center holes seems so small will it hurt to make it 2mm bigger or taper the hole on the reed side??
I know what you meant, but the China dells are alittle different, ---> ...where ?? ... the rep has the same outer diameter as also all the genuine PHBG types ( 15 - 21 ) . ( look at the the pics, Imake it extra for you , its a rep 19PHBG :D )

I will deal with that later. On my 19mm Dell to Cag manifold the carb fits good. On the V reed block, the center holes seems so small will it hurt to make it 2mm bigger or taper the hole on the reed side??
You mean the ( extra) venturi tube ? ... its extra .. you can drive the reed block with venturi or without; you should check out, what needed and what happend with your setup ;. so you'll see...

We do also at Blata and BZM engines, this tubes have different diameters, in round and/ or oval... you don't know this ??

This are only fine tuning parts ...

or do I understand something wrong what you mean ?


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I see what you saying, I can see the hump in the manifold back where the bump on the OD rear tube of the carb is. So, I could remove the center piece from the carb block if needed. Might try boring it alittle bigger first. The atomiser tubes are my problem, don't know what AN or AU or there numbers the 3 Dell 19mm PHBG copy carbs I have since China don't sell main jet tubes or pilot jets & tubes.
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