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Blata 2.5 helpppppp

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Hi guys i made a thread on another section but this where i have posted since the first time ...well my blata 2.5 didnt wanna start its used i put new gas mix in it changed the spark plug and it now starts but is it normal that it smokes alot ???and when i try to give it gas it doesnt rev nothing with me on top until i get off it moves fine do i need to give it more gas or what should i do help out thanks
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Some of these clutches don't engage till 8,500 rpms so the engine is screaming before they grab. My C1 avatar bike is like that.
I have a Blata last 50 cc liquid ...
weight 75kg and are high 1.75 average hold the clutch at 9,000 rpm.

But if you say that with takes turns and does a lot of smoke most likely if fat with carburetion

(sorry for my english but I am Italian and use google translator) =)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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