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blata 2.5 wont start helpp

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Hi guys maybe someone could help me out i just bought a blata 2.5 used and it wont start i gave it like 8-9 pulls and now the pull starter is acting up i pull and it pulls back so maybe you guys could help out a lil thanks
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Pull the plug to see if its wet or dry then check for spark and do a compression test..Thats your first step in getting it running and thats knowing if it will run and which direction to turn to repair the problem is the key to fixing it fast n cheap if needed,,,,

The problems usually are bad plug,,dirty carb/dirty fueltank/clogged fuellines/fuelfilter or bad coil/killswitch,,bad reeds,,bad gaskets,,worn cylinders...If you say its feels a bit funny when pulling then its most likely you have an internal engine problem like stuck rings or bad bearing or bearings................Good Luck
I let it rest for like 2 hours ....i try to start it again and it did start but i had to give it gas but it will start but it wanted to run like if it was in here or something and then it didnt start i clean the carb out and still doesnt start theres spark now i dont know where to check :((( help out please
If it was in gear .....sorry
You cleaned the carb but have you adjusted it correctly?! Try to do a search on adjusting your particular carb.. PHVA 14 Dell Orto?!
If it was in gear .....sorry
Blata 2.5's dont have gears...Theyre twist n go with centrifugal clutches..

Remove the fueltank,,wash it out and dry it good,,

Replace the fuellines/fuelfilter to 1/4" with a stens inline fuel shutoff

Replace the sparkplug

Clean the airfilter

Clean the pickup coil and the magneto then regap to .020"

Remove the pinion gearbox and clean-up the clutches,,rough-up the pads and the clutchbell with 100 grit sandpaper so theres no glaze...

Alot of people think that cleaning the carb just involves making sure you can see light through the mainjet hole and cleaning the junk from the bowl....Thats 1/4 of the cleaning steps.........On the 14/14 theres a hose banjo with a screen behind it that needs to be clean and clear......
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