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Busted Pull Starter

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A few days ago i let my friends (who know nothing about these bikes) ride my bike. I honestly don't know that much about these bikes but I know enough about them to be able to start one. Anyway, long story short my friend broke my pull starter while I wasn't anywhere near him. I'm pretty sure the rope just needs to be restrung but I'm not 100% sure. On the inside of the pull starter, you can see the rope go around a few times, and then on the outside there is a section of rope a few feet long with the handle still attached. It doesn't budge. Any suggestions on what I need to/should do?
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Get a new pullrope about 3ft long.......youll have extra when done but pullrope is cheap.........

take a lighter and melt the pullrope end making the burnt end thats pointy shaped with gloves on

wind the spool about 8 turns and line up the hole in the pullstarter casing with the rope thimble hole.....

feed the pointy end into the pullrope hole to the thimble hole....

fish the rope through the thimble about 2 1/2 inches

let the spool wind the cord up

tie a knot at the thimble end and clip off the extra rope and remelt cord end with a lighter again

pull the rope it its maximum to seat the knot in the thimble tightly

after the rope retracts back again add the pullhandle with a lil tension so the handle snaps back and stays tight,,knot the end ,,clip the excess off and melt it

Youre good to go now.....Good Luck
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Thanks man, i'll try that as soon as I can
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