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C1 Housing Modded with 05T 8mm Pinion

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Been working on this mod for awhile. I got a new 05T, 6 tooth Cag pinion, 8mm threads and a SS nut, 3/8" SS flat & split lockwasher. Used one of my spare housings w/ the flat spots on the pinion shaft and spring clip on the inside of the bell.
Had to grind flat spots around the round part near the teeth to fit in the bell slot. Then had to cut two small pieces out of a 3/8" SS washer and put them in the slot to push the gear out so the chain does not hit the alum outer housing. Had to grind 3/8" of the length of the 05T gear threads cause it was to long.
Looks Great, using my A2 Cag 54 tooth rear sprocket, & 8mm chain which gives me a 9 to 1 gear ratio. I am also changing the slick tires and rims on my avatar L7 bike to my C1 and them treaded tires on my Lucky 7. Have to drill three holes on the left side of the Cag rim for the brake disc. Since the L7 has C1 front forks, I can put 2 discs up front if I can find a left side C1 caliper??


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wow think i might copy this EPR why didnt you tell me sooner hahah love it so is 8mm a standerd size? then
Yes it is, The chain & rear sprocket is off my A2 Cag from Canada, sweet deal 2 years ago. $239.99 US to my door, FedEx flew it to Seattle Washington & trucked it to my house in California in 4 days and it had to go thru Customs. Had to change the rims & tires cause I hate the narrow treaded tires these bikes come with now, grrrr.
My 49cc scooter, some X bikes use that chain also. You just by Cag T8F 8mm rear gear and chain. I could use a couple more links on the chain, so I will be looking for a longer chain shortly.
That's why I put it here, so you Gear Heads could do your bikes,lol.
I had to grind the 8mm pinion round edge behind the gear flat on 2 sides to fit into the slot in the bell on the C1 housing. I have 3 housings w/ 6, 7, and 8 tooth. The are 2 kinds, threaded and flat shaft and clip on the end. Have both, I think the pinion I put in is bent a little from the China factory, it wobbles, need to pull it and check to see why it's off. Haven't really tested it at high speed cause it will wobble if it's bent and might come off or brake something else. You have to get a 54 tooth Cag./C1 8mm rear gear and they only make a 6 tooth 05T front but its bigger around the #25 pinions. 6/54 is 9 to 1.
I was just thinkin of something like this mod. I hate the whimpy chain of the MX-3 (MTA2).

Definitely a sub to this thread as reference.

I was thinking of buying this chain breaker, its for 20 bucks at wonderfully ebay.


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My MT-A2 Cag came with 8mm gears and chain. You can buy a whole housing w/ 05T six tooth pinion or 05T pinion that fits your housing. The T8F rear gear is 54 teeth. I put #25 chain and gears on the A2 and put the stuff from the A2 on my C1 when I modified the Cag pinion to fit my C1 bell. PB Parts in Florida and SP4Less in California have the parts I believe.
My C1 has about 10 horsepower, the #25 chain is ok for a Cag.
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