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Cag Coil, Accel 9mm Wire, NGK Cap

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I finish the adding the 9mm Accel Super Pro silicon wire on to my Cag coil with an NGK plug cap. A short piece left over from my Kawasaki Pro Stock drag bike days. Put it on my 5 port Lucky 7 engine. Tested it Works Great.
Next time buying 7 or 8mm low res. wire. One thing I found for sure, the Cag coils with the white epoxy fill, the wire do not come off, all mine with the black fill in do unscrew. Almost ruined a white coil trying to twist the wire off, broke the outside cover, put a bunch of RTV in the cover cap and put it back on.
One thing I am not sure of is, the NGK plug cap has a 5K cerramic resitor, and I have low res wire. Think these caps are for dirt bikes or something?


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Looking Good EPR...9mm silicome jacket is a bit overkill but the look is fantastic......The 5k resistor is for noise supression and interferrence towards electronics like tachs,,pacemakers ,,radios and digital gauges...

My piston ported engine coils didnt unscrew yet I put 8.8mm MSD overkill wires on the coils aswell..Theres ways to mod almost everything....

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That's funny, cause I was thinking about you when I was looking the wire going into the coil casing w/ the cover split right where it goes in. When I do them kind, going to solder something on the wire at the case to meet the new wire in the center. I love the bright colored wires. I put this on the L7 cause its open and you can see it.
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