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Cag pocket bike help

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I have bought a pocket bike. Worked great up until 2 days ago when i noticed gas coming from the carb overflow line. It worked for about an hour after that and know it will not start at all. I can put starting fluid in it and it will start but idle out. I have cleaned the bowl of the carb out and polished the spark plug. The cap of the spark plung doent fit the cap but it didnt seem to be a problem in the past. I have heard to take the carb out and the plastic around the air filter off to see if light goes through but i have no idea how to do it. Do i need to take the back tire off? Is this even the correct thing to do. im not good with the naming of parts but i can post pics of anything needed to find the answer Any help will be apreciated thanks
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Try tapping the float with something solid...if that dont stop the flow you may have chunks of petcock rubber seal or o-ring stuck in the needle already............

remove the carb,,,clean it out.,,

set the float a tad leaner,,,only a micro movement..

upgrade the fuel delivery to 1/4"

do the petcock mod...........

After that you should be ok for a bit..............Good luck
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