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can any motor vertical or horizontal be used?

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I was wondering if i could use a vertical shaft motor if i made a mounting bracket to hold it on its side or is there a reason most people just use the horizontal shaft other than easier mounting?
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is this a mid bike ????

Anything is possible , I'd imagine a 4 stroke up right would give you fuel tank clearance issues ? . if not , go for it I'd say.
Back when I was 11 an oldtimer showed me how to convert a vertical shaft engine into a horizontal shaft engine...one thing for sure youll need to open up the case and add an oil slinger tab to the bottom of the rod....then youll need to cut the intake,,reclock the fueltank and mend it with a piece of rubber hose and a couple clamps.............

Another one of my upcoming X1 project builds...............I just have to lengthen the back tube ,,add an engine plate,,put a jackshaft through the old swingarm mount and weld on rigid swingarms........Of course I also have plans on juicing up the engine with some power mods at give it a lil pep.........

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ok, so its a bit more work than just flipping it over and making a mount. thats more than i was wanting to learn right away. ill stick with the horizontal shafts and if my skill picks up a bit then ill try to make vertical shafts work. thanks
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