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Can anyone identify this bike?

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I am new to the Pocket bike world and picked up this bike for 100.00. I was told it was an X8 49cc with cvt transmission. So far the only thing I have been able to find about it is photos. I have the engine and tranny but everything else is bare bones. I would like to find all I can to get it in running order. Can anyone tell me anything about it and whats parts I might be able to swap out from other bikes?


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Welcome to the forum...........That is an X8 and the 2 stroke piston ported 49cc engine comes on a large array of vehicles........As far as getting it running start with the basics

Wash tank out

Clean fuellines and in-tank filter

Change sparkplug..NGK BPM6A gapped to .030"

Check for spark,

Check for clean airfilter

Check carb and make sure its tight

Mix 93 octane fuel to 40:1 mixture

Pump primer bulb 10-12 times,,set choke,,turn on keyswitch and pull til it starts....

If it doesnt start clean the carb by removing the carb,,removing the primer bulb plate and the lower half,,clean the strainer inside,,remove the highspeed needle from the side of he carb...full throttle carb and with a snorkle straw on a can of carb cleaner spray 3-5 five second bursts into the highspeed needle and see if it runs up the tube into the venturi...if it does reassemble carb//

If not remove the fuel pumper needle and clean the fuel passage then reinstall the pumper needle..............

Make sure the carb and intake gaskets are ok and the purgeport holes arent obstructed......

Make sure the black fuelline goes on the large ribbed nipple and the clear line is on the smaller smooth nipple....

These engines arer gleaned from lawn equipment and run and start as such,,the e-starter is an added luxary...........Good Luck
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Thanks for the info! Now I have run into a snag. It seems there is no electric harness for this bike and I just found the exhaust port is broken off the head. I have been looking for the electircal harness and no one has one. Can I use the harness from another bike? If so which one? Now for the head, where can I find a head that will fit? I ordered one from a local dealer and picked it up but the head is too small. The bore is correct for the 44mm but the holes are not lined up correctly. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Unless you plan on doing a total restoration on it the harness is nothing but troublesome crap that becomes quite pricey because youll need a rectifier box and a starter relay solenoid aswell as a keyswitch,,fuse holder and a battery.Youll also need a fuse and switches too if your switches/starter pushbutton are damaged or non-existent.Then youll need gauges and a horn..........All that alone youre looking at $250 easy unless you need a starter/generator combo aswell...Then its another $40..The wire harness from a harleybike,,minichopper and even an X!/X2 will work....Not so much cateye unless its x7 2 stroke cateye fs529


Theres ways of making a total loss system for running the lighting..........Thats the best part about these bikes...letting ypur creativity and imagination flow upon them

Take the wires coming from the throttle pushbutton for the starter and hook them into the two wires coming from the fancovercase/coil....This will become your new killswitch...Tune your bike in really good with the lowspeed and highspeed needles after getting it running and it will start with-in 4-5 pulls everytime and save you extra weight,,money and time while giving maximum fun...........

You can get a new 49cc cylinder and piston for around $50 bucks..43cc and 49cc engines share the same case



Welcome to the forum and Lots of Luck with your project
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Its a x6 or x8 correct me if I'm wrong CAM
Thanks for all the help everyone!
Its a x6 or x8 correct me if I'm wrong CAM
the x6s and x8s are pretty identical..the rims are slightly different aswell as the headlights...
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