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Carb help

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Alright guys so I wasn't confident enough to port my head just yet, therefore I just decided to button it all back together. Took everything off the frame, cleaned it and put the engine with Trans and pipe.only back on.

Two questions now:

First, when leaning at an angle, the pipe dribbles out oil. Over the course of a couple days, an undesirable amount formed on the floor. How do I fix this?

Second, my carb is totally wacked out, first the bike would only run with the choke on. And would stay with the choke on. As soon as I take the choke off, the bike does. So I reset the top needle to 1/2 turns out and the bottom one to 1 1/2 turns. Now can't the bike too even start at all even with choke. Not sure what to adjust first. Do I keep turning the bottom screw out? This is all on the stock x7 carb.

Everything I'm doing doesn't seem to be making it better, just worse

Thanks guys.
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I have never adjusted the low jet on any of my 15mm pumper carbs, they all work good, the high jet I run at 2 turns out. Have you adjusted the idle screw on top of the carb?? It helps alot if you crack the throttle a hair when starting. The piston hole closes when the throttle is off, and its hard for it to get air. Sound more like your not getting gas up the main jet tube in the carb bore, or your not gettin enough air thru the carb. That's one of the reasons I put and 813 Walbro cause it has an accell pump like a car carb, when you step on the throttle it squirts gas into the carb bore.
When my 4 stroke X18 runs only with the choke on, it's cause the pilot jet is clogged, but your carb don't have one.
The dripping oil get used to it, there's gas in the oil and it burns, and some gets left in the pipe,lol.
Sounds like a possible airleak....................
So what would your low jet is.at? What's stock? I drilled and got a nipple for the intake. Not running boost bottle yet so I plugged the hole. Shouldn't be affecting it
I replied same time as you Cam. Im thinking the same but I can't get it to start at all now since messing with the lowspeed and highspeed at the same time
I got it to run with out the carb to full throttle for like 2 seconds then it bogged out. That's when I put the low speed to 1/2 a turn and the high to 1 1/2 also the idle screw has been slightly adjusted to be a little higher then what I'd call normal idle

Also. I understand the concept of some not getting burned off, but enough to make a medium sized puddle? Like <1 ounce
Choke* not carb, sorry, high moment
Think Cam2 said 1 3/4 turns on the low jet. It might be a vacuum leak also.
Think Cam2 said 1 3/4 turns on the low jet. It might be a vacuum leak also.
Yep............1 3/4 on the LSN...My scooter is set at 2 full turns out.........
Think Cam2 said 1 3/4 turns on the low jet. It might be a vacuum leak also.

So top needle to 1/2 and low to 1 3/4 give or take. Alright I'll give it a whirl. And where would this leak be, my intake nipple? I'll go ahead and make a boost bottle for it then to take that out of the question.

Thanks epr and cam, you two are great
How's your/my x12? Lol jk
Still poop. Got another shock and the way the mounts are set up, it doesnt line up for some reason. Going to invest in a welder verrrryyy soon and start practicing first on scrap, then on relocating a smarter shock mount
Sweet! Then u can weld my left handle bar clamp back together for me:) any news on the other bikes?
Well this thread is about the second x7, which i think my boost bottle nipple is leaking, gotta fix up a boost bottle with a couple clamps, then see where im at.

Just emailed sam 5 minutes ago about the x7 engine im keeping. Like i said he works 40+ hours and only does this on weekends, but i just asked him for an update and to keep doin his thing. I'll probably start on a paint scheme i wanna do.. thinking bout flat white with some type of purple / aqua rims with a flat black exhast or a flat white exhaust or keeping it chrome. That bike im going to have some fun on, i already know
Just got this from sam. Shouldnt be but maybe one more weeked before shes on her way home

Sam aka Boosted306 said:
Hey there, sorry I havent been more forth coming with the progress....
This weekend I finished the port work on your cylinder and I am trying to get you a "rocket key" too!
I'll try to take some photos as soon as I get a moment.... Shouldn't be much longer and I'll be boxing her up and sending her home...

So when are you taking the x12 up to Ohio so we can trade?and d u think u can weld my clamps back together ?
IDK how to weld yet, so no. If and when i learn and become comfortable with it, yeah no doubt. just gotta ship them to me
Ok, I tuned my x2 correct, now it's soo much more powerful lol too bad I can't ride it for a while , might be done for the year, what parts are keeping u away from riding ur x12?
shock fitting properly. and testing the engine. i couldnt properly drill the kick starter so i grinded it off. it has electric start so if i rewired some key components, i could fire the engine still.

However, i wanna have a functioning suspension before i get too excited.

Other then a better mount for the shock, i """"shouldn't"""" need anything
If I were u, I'd still test the engine out to at least get to hear what it sounds like
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