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Carb Replacement?

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So I have the 22mm mikuni carb. I have it all hooked up to a new intake and the air filter but I have one problem. How do I take the stock throttle CABLE out of the throttle jet housing (the black piece that connect to the long jet, has a spring around the cable)? Thanks!
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Pull the spring up out of the barrel and pull the barrel up a bit then set the cable aside and pull up.....sometimes you need to remove the clip that holds the mainjet needle in..............Good Luck
Well I got the stock main jet and barrel off so now it is just the throttle cable. The mikuni's spring for the barrel/main jet is a lot larger then the stock one. I put the stock cable on and it seemed way too small. Is that how it is supposed to be? Or could I just cut the spring smaller to the size of the stock one? I put the stock spring in the mikuni jet and the throttle was giving almost 0% resistance when you pulled it back. Thanks!
Go ahead anf use the mikuni spring...it all works out in the end.... I just put a mikuni vm22 on my x18 last week....
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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