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Carbon Fibre Reeds

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The stiffer the reeds are to push once they are on the reed block the better or should it be looser?

I put carbon fibre reeds on the inlet reed value and cut the original metal reed as described for a 3 stage spider reed. Although when pushing onto the "flap" area to open them up it seems pretty 'weak'? It doesn't feel stiff at all...so now I'm thinking either I bought the wrong reeds or there too thin or idk???

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Put them in and try them out...If you get reed flutter theyre not stiff enough.............
I have tried triple reeds twice, could never make them work, since I drag race mine in a straight line I want my reeds to open wide and stay open. So, I cut .200" or so off the finger tips of the reed stoppers and ground them back from a forth of the way above the bottom self up to the top about .060" to .090" back at the tip, that way they open wider. If you go to far your carbon fiber reeds will ride on the full circle crank.
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