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Is there anyone who can post pics/vid/highly descriptive deatil on how to properly wire up the battery-module on top of frame-ignition coil-spark plug??

I had these questions in my first thread, but, it was muddied up with all my other questions...

I will post pics of sections close-up tomorrow when I have proper lighting...

For reference it is-----
Cateye with 49cc engine

Electric/Pull start --- dont have ignition any more, nor do I have the starter cable, I'm using my drill to manualy crank it same thing just no rope and realy ghetto..throttle cable was more important and strapped for cash at the moment

HP air filter

what looks like a module box attached to top bar at middle portion of frame?? black plastic lid that does not come off?

*Thats what I can think of right now...I know pics help a bunch so I'll get em first thing in the morning*

uuhhh..oh yeah! I am NOT familiar at all with engines..my name says it to the tee! So when you say things like coil mounting bolt, my options are to search & search & and search on google till I figure it out or hope sum1 posts an explanation that would qualify to be given to a chimp! :p

Maybe someone is in the Mass area and we can link up? (I know there is a thread, just tossin the idea in the air haha)
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