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Chain master link question.

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The wheel was off from this cheap x7 I got cause the guy ripped the bolt holes on the sprocket so my new rim and sprocket should be here tomorrow. But I noticed on my chain there is no master link. Should I get a new one or can I get a chain tool to re connect with out the master link?
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You can get a chain tool, and reconnect without a masterlink. And that is the better option. The tool is only ~$15, sometimes less.
ok, can i re-use the pin that i slide out. i think i can do it with out the tool also correct?
Yes, you can re use the pin.

And yes, you can do it without the tool, but it is very difficult. You have to push it very straight, and be able to hold the chain still. You would need a vise or a press. The proper tool is well worth the money.
cool thanks. ill see if i can find the tool, online im not seeing much for them locally.
You can get a new master link for a few bucks. If I take links off a chain, I grind the pins down on my bench grinder or 4 1/2" angle grinder and use a small punch to push the pin out.
No need for a grinder if you have the tool. Also, no master link to worry about coming off.
^ That is the best kind, but is more expensive. It makes keeping the chain straight MUCH easier, and helps keep from pushing the side plates together and creating a tight spot in the chain.

^ There is the cheap one. It will get the job done, but may get a little frustrating trying to get the pin to push back in straight.
I have 2 tools and they bend the pins all the time, so I don't waste my time anymore. Crack open the vise, lay the chain over and punch the ground pins out, not going to use that part of the chain anymore, so grind away,lol.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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