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Have a SportMoto (Chinese of course) 49cc Pocket bike and the chain has always rubbed on the top of the rectangular swingarm (closest to the motor). Anyway It's time I got it sorted but the only problem is that everyting is perfectly aligned as it is. The chain, the rear sprocket & the pinon are perfectly in line with each other as it is now & I don't want to mess that up. I have seen quite a few of these little fellas that are welded rough as guts & put together badly, but mine is dead straight and welded extremely well for a Chinese bike.

I don't want to change the rear Sprocket for a larger one so the only option I can think of is to put 5mm spacers under the motor & change the top motor mount bracket and move the exhaust brackets to suit the 5mm change.
With 5mm added the exhaust should still just clear under the tank & I cannot see if there would be anything else that would be affected. The chain would then clear the frame enough.
So what do U guys think; has anyone else done this or do U think I would cause other issues by doing it?
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