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Chain sprocket?

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How many teeth do stock sprocket?
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If its a Cag w/ #25 chain its 68 teeth w/ a 6 or 7 tooth pinion, a Cag w/ 05T-T8F 8mm chain is 54 teeth w/ a 6 tooth pinion.
Rear: 46T
Front: 15T
Correct me if I'm wrong!
You must have a 49cc 2 stroke Zenoah piston port engine w/ 15mm pumper carb, w/ primer bulb on the bottom and a transmission. That's T8F 8mm Chain and gears, up front, they have like 12 or 13 teeth to 20 teeth, for gear changes. Hard to find a bigger or smaller rear gear.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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